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"Watch for Motorcycles (Bicycles are Fair Game)" Textile Keytag

"Watch for Motorcycles (Bicycles are Fair Game)" Textile Keytag

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Runners hate them, motorists hate them, everyone hates them except themselves. Bicyclists. This is a tongue in cheek keychain that is just a fun, little, jab at our slower two-wheeled friends on the road. It says, "Watch for Motorcycles (Bicycles are Fair Game)". Now, we don't condone actually running over bicyclists (our lawyers told us we need to clarify that), but we do condone humor against our various sport groups, and motorists vs. bicyclists isn't excluded from that. Get it for the motorcycle rider or the bicyclist in your life if you want to be extra cheeky.

Why You Need A Keytag

✅Won't scratch your tank!
✅Easy to pull out of your pockets even with gloves!
✅Express yourself!
✅Always know which keys are yours!
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